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Libby's Bakery Cafe Ticonderoga NYBUSINESS PROFILE:

Name: Katherine Rasmus
Libby’s Bakery Cafe
Years in Business:

Q. Can you briefly describe your business?

A. Libby’s Bakery Cafe’ is a delightful small bistro style cafe with house made baked goods and is owner operated by Katy Rasmus (Chef), Andrew Rasmus (Business Manager), and Claire Brown (Pastry Chef). The foundation of our business is based upon the belief of offering a high quality product with outstanding customer service is of the utmost importance. Libby’s sunny corner is proudly home to many different kinds of folks, ranging from local business people, retirees, seasonal homeowners, and tourists. The bakery provides a space for meetings, a comfy corner for friends to catch up, or quiet to get that paper for school finally written. We are immensely pleased that Libby’s is an umbrella for many different needs.

Q. What is your product or service specialty?

A. Libby’s is special for so many different items, predominately because each item is crafted with individual attention and care. Much like the food movement taking place in France we believe at Libby’s that high quality food should be available for all. In the summer time you can find a Lobster Salad BLT made with in house roasted lobster meat, Lobster bisque made from scratch start to finish, and a house made mixed berry lemonade. All year round customers can find daily soup specials with inspiration coming from many nationalities, fresh baked quiche that verges on addictive, house eclairs, fresh baked bread, croissant, turnovers, and gooey baklava. All proudly done in house. Libby’s features the only full espresso bar in the area using fair trade organic coffee roasted in Amherst NH. The flavor syrups are all made in house as well as our cocoa mix.

Q: How did your business get started?

A. Libby’s was started before the doors opened in June of 2013, the restaurant is proof of a life long dream for Katy and Claire come to fruition. From the early days of grade school Katy had a dream of being a chef with already a fervor for french cuisine. Claire all through her adult life had a talent for baking and more cookbooks than a public library, fueling her towards the future. In 2011 Claire moved back to Ticonderoga where she had been born and raised when her path crossed with Jim Major. Jim is the owner of the historic building that now houses Libby’s. Knowing talent when he tasted her pastries and an avid supporter of the revitalization of downtown he quickly saw an unfilled niche. Katy was managing a restaurant in NH for a number of years and jumped on board when the proposal was delivered, so in May of 2013 Katy and her husband Andrew picked up and moved to Ticonderoga. With a lot of determination and support from family Libby’s opened its doors June 29th.

Q. Why do you recommend people do business with you?

A. Libby’s is one of a kind, nowhere in a 30 mile radius can someone find a shop like Libby’s. We offer a meeting place for many different customers to gather with a sense of community. Someone can come through Libby’s doors and be nourished by more than just the food.

Q. What makes you the most proud of your business?

A. We are proud that we have stayed true to our dream. We dreamed that Libby’s Baker Cafe’ would have a charming atmosphere with seriously good food. There is a trust that our customers have chosen to give us because we have positively tantalized their taste buds time and again. We are very proud of the fact that we have chosen to be committed to our community and how the community has responded to us building mutual respect.

Q. What do you most want people to know about you?

A. We are always striving to bring new ideas to our store, to improve our customers experience. We are emotionally invested in our business and we want to convey that to our customers to create happy returning patrons.

Q. What is your key to success?

A. There isn’t a master button that has made us successful. It is multitude of different choices that comes together to make our special formula. The ground work of our success is hard work and passion. 90% of restaurants fail in the first couple of years, it is imperative to have determination and the belief in the product offered. We have known that in a small town our business needed to be as much about giving back to the community as it is about making it financially. It is an intricate web in a small town, one where we must be willing to help each other to all be successful. Finally the quality of our products and the comfy space offered to our customers makes people want to return, we try hard to avoid stagnation, its key for us to keep finding the next thing that will get us fired up and in return keep customers excited about what they will see next.

Complete the following sentence: A really great day for our company is when…

A.  “…all the tables are full, the energy is high, and everyone is glowing with their Libby’s experience.”

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