Penfield Homestead Museum

Penfield Homestead Museum Crown Point NYBUSINESS PROFILE:

Name: Kama Ingleston
Title: Trustee
Business: Penfield Homestead Museum
Years in Business: 55

Briefly Describe Your Business

Penfield Homestead Museum is dedicated to the history of Crown Point, NY and its people. To that end we are the trustees of the Ironville Historic District as well as the Homestead, Church, Parsonage and the farm outbuildings of the Allen Penfield family and the remnants of the once vital Crown Point Iron Company and Railroad.

PHM hosts events through-out the summer season that feature FREE tours, local historians and artisans, walking tours along Penfield Pond and family friendly activities. We are open on weekends for guided tours of the homestead, church and farm outbuildings.

Our Research Center is open, by appointment, year round and includes local family surname files, business, civic, military and church records. Our collection contains photographs, documents, letters and vital records from Crown Point and Southern Lake Champlain.

Penfield Homestead Museum is a not-for-profit 501c3 corporation and is Chartered by the New York State Education Department.

What is your product or service specialty?

Our mission is “Crown Point and its people”. To that end we preserve and protect the Ironville Historic District including the Penfield Homestead, Church, Parsonage, farm outbuildings and the remnants of the Crown Point Iron Company and Railroad. Education of the public and research assistance are our primary goals.

How did your business get started?

The Penfield Homestead Museum was started in 1962 by concerned group of citizens who wanted to preserve and protect the history of the hamlet of Ironville.

Why do you recommend people do business with you?

All citizens and visitors to Southern Lake Champlain must know and appreciate our Adirondack history of this once thriving community. What happened in the early 19th century still resonates with our country today.

What makes you the most proud of your business?

That from our humble beginnings we are still going strong 55 years later. We continue to improve our guest experience for the 21st century. We have completely reorganized our research center, added a “Pioneer Forge at Penfield” and updated our walking tours.

What do you most want people to know about you?

We are there to answer their questions on Crown Point and its people. We are available by email, telephone and personal appointment to assist with their research and genealogy as well as tours of the Homestead and grounds.

What is your key to success?

The key to PHM is our volunteers and the financial support of our friends, neighbors and visitors.

Complete the following sentence: A really great day for our company is when…

“A really great day for Penfield Homestead Museum is when a guest is excited about their visit!”

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