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Ticonderoga Volunteer Fire Department: Serving the Community 143 Years and Counting!

In 2014, The New York Times wrote an article, “The Disappearing Volunteer Firefighter,” a disheartening, yet accurate account of the dwindling number of volunteer firemen across the country. However, you wouldn’t know it at the Ticonderoga Volunteer Fire Department, where for 143 years, the residents of this small upstate New York community have made volunteering … Read More

10 Free Things To Do In Ticonderoga

Looking for a mini adventure? Whether you are visiting the Adirondacks or live locally, we’ve listed 10 free things to do in Ticonderoga NY! Take a self-guided tour of the many Essex County historic markers in Ticonderoga, Crown Point and Moriah. Plan a picnic in Bicentennial Park! A scenic setting with a playground, views of the LaChute River, and … Read More

North Country Thrive Work Expo & Job Fair in Moriah

North Country Thrive’s Mission The North Country Thrive Partnership exists to ensure that every citizen, regardless of age, has the opportunity to succeed from cradle through career and become a contributing member of society.  We support successful students, productive citizens, and thriving communities through a collaborative network that leverages data and aligns community resources to … Read More

Garret & John Had A Dream | Random Scoots #4

The Random Scoots Blog | Fred Provoncha Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, Rock Collector Writer, Author of Ticonderoga (Images of America) Once upon a time in High School, I was dozing through history class when the teacher said something that cut through the haze. Something about John Brown and Harpers Ferry. Coming immediately to what passed for … Read More

Before The Beginning | Random Scoots #3

The Random Scoots Blog | Fred Provoncha Writer, Author, Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, Rock Collector       Ice and snow and rocks and water. 12,000 years ago that was all there was here. 11,000 years ago like the world after the great flood, the land began to appear. The Adirondacks had been pushed down somewhat, … Read More

Who’s Who In Ticonderoga: Steve Boyce

Sometimes there are people who consistently and quietly make a difference in the lives of many. Meet Steve Boyce, a Ticonderoga native who has been involved in the lives of young people for decades.  From the beginning of his career as a teacher at Ticonderoga High, to his current job as Program Director for the … Read More

FAQ: College For Every Student (CFES) Program in Ticonderoga

What exactly is the College For Every Student (CFES) program in Ticonderoga?  We recently learned about this program from Ti CFES Program Director Steve Boyce, and he graciously agreed to provide us with more information about the program’s mission and goals for local students.  As a result, we also learned much about someone whose commitment … Read More

Thank You, Happy New Year & Belated Happy Birthday to Ti360!

This has been a busy year – and a great one – for Ticonderoga360!  We have a lot to be thankful for in 2015, and look forward to 2016 to be just as exciting! Happy Birthday Ticonderoga360! You may not realize it, but December 16th was our 1-year anniversary of the launch of this website!  … Read More

History Of Weedville in Ticonderoga NY

The Random Scoots Blog | Fred Provoncha Writer, Author, Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, Rock Collector       Well, growing up I lived on “The Avenue”, as in Lake George Avenue. I now live in Weedville (or is it Weedsville?)  How do you tell non-Ticonderogians you live in Weedville? It’s hard enough telling them you live … Read More

Ticonderoga NY Blog: Random Scoots!

The Random Scoots Blog | Fred Provoncha Writer, Author, Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, Rock Collector  Hi folks!  In the before time, (1874) the Ticonderoga Sentinel was born on the big island in what would become Ticonderoga’s “Downstreet”.  Just in time to record the “great fire” of 1875 in the only Extra the Sentinel ever ran. In those … Read More