Summer Programs & Events From The Ticonderoga Festival Guild! (2021)

In 1980, a group of citizens yearned to bring the performing arts to their friendly and charming upstate New York community, and consequently, the Ticonderoga Festival Guild, Inc. was born!

For the first couple of years, the famed Soviet Emigre Orchestra was the leading act until it became apparent that a greater variety of acts was needed. In 1983, the Arts Trek series was created, bringing series of art curriculums to the youth of Ticonderoga. Over time, the Guild designed the Summer in the Park Series, featuring fantastic local musicians entertaining enthusiastic crowds at the Community Building; plays for kids and adults alike; and in-school programs and presentations that encourage the arts.

2021 Summer in the Park Series

August 10th at 7:00PM: Richie and Rosie

Their music brings a new sound to traditional music and can best be described as a mix of Americana, old-time, and folk.

Sponsored by The Wind Chill Factory

Arts Trek 2021 FREE Children’s Programs

Free Programs for Children take place at 10:15 AM every Wednesday at the Knights of Columbus Pavilion (Behind the K of C Hall on Montcalm St.)

August 4, 2021:  Hearing Nature’s Voice

“Hearing Nature’s Voice” program, Van Egmond will tell and sing multicultural stories and songs about living in harmony with Mother Earth.. A versatile performer, Van Egmond moves easily from a rousing singalong to a gripping story, going from the rib-tickling to the spine- tingling to the heartwarming. He accompanies himself on a wide variety of instruments, including guitar, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, mouth bow, and limberjack (a dancing wooden puppet that taps out a rhythm on a paddle board).
Sponsor: Trout Brook Boarding

August 11, 2021: Funky Farms and Wild Food

The farms we feature are fraught with foolishness. In from the field, the food frolics, the farmer is fatigued, and photosynthesis facilitates fruiting. Frankly, we feel feisty and fancy-free about fables, follies and fibs regarding fertilizer, food and farms. Fear not, however, for our feet are on soiled footing! Follow us with fervor on our folksy foray into growing food, picking wild edibles, joyous meals, sanitary (or not) practices, and gooooood eats. We foresee the festivities to be phenomenal!
Sponsor: This program dedicated by Pam Nolan to the memory of her mother BJ LaRock

Check out the Ti Festival Guild Facebook page or their website for updates and information on Ticonderoga arts events.



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