Valley View Memorial Chapel and Cemetery

Valley View Chapel in Ticonderoga NY

A Brief History of Valley View Memorial Chapel

Valley View Memorial Chapel in Ticonderoga is an iconic structure, familiar to citizens and visitors alike. There is a peace here, a feeling of calm and serenity that lays over this location like a blanket. Set gently atop a hill  in the Lord Howe Valley south of Ticonderoga, it is surrounded by aging graves and framed by mature trees.  The chapel was commissioned by Horace A. Moses, a local son and wealthy philanthropist whose contributions to his home town also include the Liberty Monument on Montcalm St., the Hancock House, our Community Building and several other structures. The chapel has been host to weddings, funerals, and celebrations for well over a century, and remains a valued part of our community. The chapel was dedicated August 25, 1901. (See photos below)

1901 Ticonderoga Sentinel Article on Valley View

On Thursday, May 30, 1901, the Ticonderoga Sentinel newspaper published an article regarding the construction of the chapel:

Valley View Memorial Chapel, Ticonderoga, has  an outlook on thirteen interesting summits of the outlying ranges of the Adirondacks from Trumbell Mt. on the south past Cedar Mt. in the west to the Three Brothers in the north east. About sixty miles away to the north east Mt. Mansfield and Camels Hump are visible in Vermont. Lake George is within three miles distance. Rogers Rock Mt. fills the eastern horizon. If anyone of ordinary unsusceptibility can stand near the door of the Valley View Chapel with the graves of the fathers before him, with the farms and fields and forests spread out through more than the area of a county and feel in his own heart no impulse to worship, then we may say: “God have mercy on his soul!” Valley View Chapel is a small stone structure intended to seat only about one hundred auditors and standing on the south side of the road on what has been known as Kenyon Hill, but may probably be hereafter called Chapel Hill. It is a union chapel. Its services will be under the control of all the evangelical denominations combined. The enterprise originated with Mr. Horace A Moses who with his uncle and partner, Mr. Rising of Mittineague Paper Company, Massachusetts, have made exceedingly liberal contributions to the expenses involved. The total cost of the structure with the ground it is expected will be less than $3,000. Mr. Edward Lee, son of our honored citizen,the late Alexander Lee, has charge of the masonry. The building will approach completion about July 4th and will probably be dedicated ad opened for worship in August and deserves a visit any time now from our citizens. The building is a gem in architecture. The plans were drawn by an architect in Springfield, Mass., employed by Mr. Horace A Moses, president of its Board of Trustees.

Entrance to the chapel at Valley View Memorial Chapel in Ticonderoga
A step back in time
Pulpit window at Valley View Memorial Chapel in Ticonderoga NY
The pulpit at Valley View
Side entrance to chapel
Stained glass window in the chapel
Valley View Chapel side entrance
Valley View Chapel bell tower
Valley View Cemetery grounds
Dedication stone at Valley View Chapel
Historic Valley View Memorial Chapel
Valley View Memorial Chapel and cemetery


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