Christmas Trees: Real or Artificial


Here in the North Country it is still customary for families to make a trip to a local tree farm as Christmas approaches.  Adirondackers are environmental-conscious, but also take great pride in the old fashioned family tradition of cutting down their very own Christmas tree!

Trying to decide if you should choose a real tree, or an artificial tree?

There are definitely benefits to choosing a real tree for your holiday season:

  • The obvious, of course…they look great, smell incredible, and provide your family with a strong Christmas tradition!
  • Christmas trees are truly a renewable ‘green’ resource – they are in fact, raised to be cut down, and for every tree that is cut down, there is another one growing in its place.
  • Economics and habitat: when you purchase a tree locally, you are supporting a family farm, spending your dollars locally and helping to protect a greenbelt area.
  • Made in the USA: different figures have shown that anywhere from 75 – 90% of artificial trees are produced in Asia and shipped to the United States.
  • And, yes, it’s fun! After a day of holiday shopping, finish it off with finding the perfect holiday tree for your home in Ticonderoga, Crown Point, Port Henry, Mineville, Putnam, Schroon Lake or Hague.

Find out where to buy Christmas trees in Ticonderoga and Hague, Crown Point, Port Henry, Moriah, Mineville and Putnam!

Just a note: It is not always correct to assume that an artificial tree is better for the environment. An artificial tree, usually made of plastic, can be a source of dioxins and may be made from PVC, which can take decades to break down once discarded.

Beautiful, fresh Scotch Pine, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, White Pine, Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce are all types of trees that can be cut down on local farms.

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