North Country Landscape & Design

Owner:    Peter Foster

For 48 years I have enjoyed and loved being in this profession.  My landscaping and landscape design company in Hague NY allows me the good fortune of having a daily ability to be creative for clients, giving their homes their own personality, enjoyable private outdoor living spaces, and privacy with nature. My company has created and provided these spaces since 1967. We have been privileged to perform and implement our designs, sharing our creativity and services for residential and commercial properties in New York,  New York City,  New Jersey,  Connecticut,  Massachusetts,  Vermont, Illinois, and Florida.

North Country Landscape and Design offer a wide selection of services to residential and commercial properties  alike:

    • Foundation landscape plantings, traditional, formal , elevated and natural plantings
    • Formal landscape gardens
    • Privacy screening landscapes
    • Hedges installed
    • Naturalized plantings in wooded areas
    • Spring landscape maintenance start up services
    • Fall landscape maintenance shut down cleanups & winterizing
    • Lawns seeded or SODDED
    • Wildflower gardens or fields
    • Hummingbird gardens
    • Butterfly gardens
    • Erosion berms
    • Rain gardens
    • Day Lilly gardens
    • Lakeside naturalized plantings
    • Stream naturalized plantings
    • naturalized plantings
    • Ponds and waterfalls constructed*
    • Shade tree and Evergreen installations
    • Rose gardens
    • Perennial gardens
    • Hosta gardens
    • Rock gardens
    • Timber walls and stairs
    • Stone walls dry laid, using Quartzite, PA FIeldstone, Granite, etc.
    • Stone patios, Bluestone, Quartzsite, Granite , etc.
    • Stone stairways using Quartzsite, Granite , Fieldstone , Bluestone etc.
    • Stone Firepits
    • Stone or paver grill platforms, outdoor shower platforms
    • Paver Retaining walls, Driveways, Walks, Platforms ,etc
    • Fences , post & rail, split rail Fences etc
    • Irrigation for all forms of landscaping inhouse and subbed
    • Vegetable and herb gardens
    • Drainage solutions and swales created or improved *
    • Driveway crushed stone applications,, many sizes and types.
    • Shoulder stone applications
    • Beaches sand applications
    • Edging steel and plastic installations
    • Property grading *
    • Light trucking
    • Screened Topsoil and Mulch delivery service by the yard
* Designates SUB contracting may be involved Thank you for calling North Country Landscape & Design. We return your calls  and your emails ASAP AND we appreciate your business! [gallery columns="6" ids="3219,3220,3221,3222,3223,3224,3225,3226,3227,3228,3229"]    

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